The Student Voice

This is an important part of the enrichment curriculum particularly as an element of citizenship,

The aim is to begin to develop an awareness of the responsibilities in having a voice and how that operates in a democracy.

There are various elements already in place:

• Election of Sixth Form Council members in form groups.

• Election of Senior Student by staff and fellow sixth formers with Hustings

and a secret ballot.

• Regular weekly meetings of the council.

• Feedback to classes.

The council is self sufficient, managing its own budget and fund raising for facilities. Whilst one function is to organise social events its brief is wide ranging and students are encouraged to discuss other issues. Minutes should be printed and put on the Committee Board. Time for feedback should be allocated in Registration once a week.


• Regular questionnaires at various times of the year e.g. Post Induction.

• Assemblies

• Visiting Speakers

• Enrichment activities

• Involvement as student ambassadors in school or in the wider community.

• National Union of Students website