Sixth Form Dress Code

As a member of the Sixth Form, you are not required to wear a School Uniform.  However, this is a place of work and it is expected that you will set a good example to our younger pupils.
You will be expected to be neat, tidy and well groomed when working on the School premises or elsewhere whilst representing the School.

It is a requirement that you clearly wear your ID badge and that your full face is visible at all times.

Whilst it is not possible to list every possible clothing option, the following may be helpful in clarifying what is not appropriate.
•    Ripped and frayed clothing including baggy and torn jeans
•    Visible undergarments
•    Transparent tops
•    Crop tops exposing the midriff/vests with large armholes
•    T shirts / sweatshirts with adult slogans or images
•    Shorts
•    Spaghetti straps or boob tubes
•    Beachwear and flip flops
•    No hats to be worn in school
•    leggings may only be worn under a dress, skirt or long tunic.

Where relevant you need to bring appropriate attire to change into for Sport and other lessons of a practical nature such as Drama.
During periods of warm weather your clothing must remain appropriate.
In cases where your appearance is, in our view, unacceptable you will be required to return home to change.
J. Myford
Assistant Headteacher